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FINALLY. Ze contest! >O

Okay guys~. Yukitsu community contest time! Huzzah~! Be enthralled.

Here's the contest:
Photomanip any Yukihiro and Tetsu pictures you want, so long as you end up with a scene that implies the two are together. It can be dinner in a resturant, sitting in the park or studio, whatever. You could make them kissing, hugging, holding hands, etc etc. ^^ Someone [I forgot who, but they're in the laruku pics community - was it one of you guys? O_O] made one once where it looked like Tetsu was kissing Yuki, that's where I got the idea. XD So..! Go for it, if you want!

I'm just trying to kick up some enthusiasm here. T_T

As per Jiru-chan's idea, for the winner I'll draw you with Yukihiro and Tetsu. ;XD In .. any situation you want *cough*. Or a fanfic, or whatever. If you win and don't like that idea, tell me what you DO want and we'll take care of it. :D

Let's see.. Contest is over 19 April! That gives you a week and a day. :D Well.. depending upon where you live. 19 April, 8:30 PM Central Time! Of the US! ;O_O Ok! I don't know what that is for everyone else. Yukitsu love is worldwide!

So, in short:
Contest: Photomanip a cute Yukitsu pic.
Prize: Whatever you want. Tentatively a fanart!
Deadline: 19 April Please email your submissions to meeeeeee! [ kuchibiru@gmail.com ]

Knock yourselves out! <3

Love, your mod. Whose back reaaaaally hurts.
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