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an untitled ficlet from a newcomer

Wow, and here I thought it was just my brain on brown acid when I stumbled over the pairing unexpectedly in my fic. And to think, there's a whole comm for Yuki/Tetsu. *_*

Anyway, hi, my name is Selah and I'm...way older than the rest of you, I'm sure, so let's just move on to the fic, shall we? *cough*

I think this omake can stand well enough on its own, but if not, the first chapter of Love You More (which immediately preceeds this cut scene) can be found here.

Title: Untitled (Love You More omake #1)
Author: Selah (spinshadow)
Genre: fluff
Rating: T - light m/m
Warnings: sweet and fluffy
Summary: Yuki needs a little first aid....
Disclaimer: Real people, unreal events. Any resemblence to real events is entirely coincidental.
Comments: Just a short and sweet scene cut out from the main body of Love You More because it does nothing to forward the plot really (trust me, it really doesn't). But it was too sweet to ignore completely, especially after the way chapter one concluded. :p

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