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Hello! ^^; I've been stalking this community for awhile, so I decided to take the time to join. My name is Shadow, and I'm utterly obsessed with TetsuxYuki. Well, actually, I'm obsessed with any pairing with Yuki in it. If you want to know more about me, just visit my LJ, though I can simply state a few things about what I like and such. I adore reading and writing fanfiction, but I'm sorry to say that I have a policiy against writing any fanfiction that involves "real" people. It's ironic though, because I enjoy to read it so much. ^^; Perhaps I'll give in a write a TetsuxYuki fanfiction one day. Well, other than that, I enjoy webdesigning and watching/reading anime and manga.

:3 I hope I'll have fun here.
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